Answers to all your questions.

Where do you ship?

All over the Continental United States!

What is the shipping process like?

Check out our Shipping Expectations page.

Why doesn’t my bouquet look like the one in the picture?

In the name of having flowers that last, we focus on providing seasonal flowers that are nice and fresh. With that being said, we cannot guarantee what flowers will be available each day.

Can I order flowers in bulk?

Go for it! Shoot us a message on the Contact page.

What is your deadline for next day deliveries?

For next day delivery, put your order in by 12pm CST!

Are you that super cute Flower Truck?

We sure are! Amelia’s Flower Truck was just the start. We also have two store fronts in the Nashville area,and now... *drumroll please* - Amelia’s Flower Box is the newest addition to the Amelia’s Flower Family! (More info will come in your box.)